GREENSTATE in numbers

115 ha

Greenstate area

24 ha

Infrastructure area

86,5 ha

Transfered property

4,5 ha

Vacant area

Land plots for sale

Advantages of the industrial park Greenstate


Jarmo Lindholm, General Director of Atria Russia:

“We were the first production project in the industrial park, and together with YIT we had to solve serious issues of connection to water supply networks. I think this issue had been successfully solved in 2008 thanks largely to our common insistence and YIT Company’s influence”

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Sergey Sviridenko, Deputy General Director of Ponsse LLC:

“Ponsse Company has been working at Greenstate since 2011. Thanks to the professional and proactive specialists of the YIT Management Company, as well as the available utility networks, in 2015 we expanded our production and plan further investing into our company’s development in the Greenstate Industrial Park”


Alexey Kuryshev, Director of SMC Pneumatik LLC:

“We liked the way everything is organized at Greenstate as compared to others, and we liked the location. We have good business relations with YIT. Any work issues arising in the process are promptly solved.

I can surely say that we have made a right choice”

Хакель логотип.png

Andrey Kadukov, General Director of Hakel Ros JSC:

“We considered a lot of sites, mainly in the south of the city. Furthermore, the south had good transport accessibility with the Ring Road and junctions. In the southern direction, YIT initially had the most interesting site, moreover, as distinct from the others, the company was open to dialogue and willingly met our needs”

Why man choose us?


project on time and within budget

  1. The park has all necessary utilities and transportation routes, an own railway track, and the required engineering capacity reserved to it.
  2. A uniform sanitary protection project has been designed for Greenstate industrial park. According to the project, the park will be able to house 3, 4 and 5 hazard category enterprises. 
  3. A resident in the industrial park will be able to obtain the required capacity from YIT within a month after entering into a land purchase agreement. This equally applies to electricity, heating, water supply and sewage. The investor therefore will not have to enter into protracted negotiations with monopolists


YIT in Russia since 1961

  1. YIT Group boasts more than 100 years of experience in the market: in Finland, we are the largest residential developer and a leading commercial and infrastructure developer, and the largest foreign residential development company in Russia.

  2. In the North-west region, YIT has been present for 30 years. During that time, we have completed about 180 various projects ranging from a chain of petrol stations to water treatment facilities and major plants and factories.

  3. YIT is a major international corporation able to operate under international law and provide parent company guarantees for its projects.


We work for you

  1. Based on specific parameters of the Customer’s project, we will select the land plot with the optimal cost.

  2. Obtaining cadastral registration and registering title to the land, advising on whether the investment project is eligible for tax exemptions from the Leningrad Region’s Government.

  3. Pre-sale service and post-sale transaction support to purchasers of land in Greenstate are an integral part of YIT’s customer-focused approach.

Key Persons at Greenstate Industrial Park

Maxim Sobolev, Commercial Real Estate Director, Head of Greenstate:


When contacting us, we ask the customer for individual project parameters and select a land plot in order to optimize its value.

Pre-sale and after-sales transaction support is carried out by our specialists.


Vladislav Talanin, Commercial Real Estate Sales Director:

Владислав Таланин.jpg

Our potential customers are companies developing business in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, for whom implementing the project and commissioning the facility in short term, as well as reliable partnership are important.



Anton Levshin, Deputy Chief Commercial Real Estate Engineer:


YIT, the management company operates in the park 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition to technical operation, we support residents of the park in cooperation with utility monopolists and regulatory authorities.





Industrial Park GREENSTATE, July 2019
Industrial Park GREENSTATE
November 2017

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Dear Colleagues and Partners,

Please find an updated video about Industrial park Greenstate. Our residents continue to develop their projects steadily. The quantity of industrial land plots, supplied with engineer resources, is decreasing due to ongoing sales deals. In total we have available only 4,5 ha land plots. The western part of the Industrial part Greenstate has sold out.

Sales of land plots and engineering capacities in Greenstate

Sales of Commercial Real Estate: +7 (812) 336 37 57

Vladislav Talanin, CRE Sales Director
Alexander Barabanschikov, Project manager

Engineering connections in the Industrial park Greenstate

Technical Department: +7-812-336 37 57

Svetlana Vidatskaya, Chief of Greenstate engineering project
Mikhail Naletov, Technical Director

Operations and Maintenance of common infrastructure in Greenstate

Operational Department: `7-812-336 3747

Anton Levshin, deputy chief engineer for commercial real estate
Dmitriy Zolotarevskiy, chief engineer of commercial real estate

General Management of Greenstate operations

Maxim Sobolev, Director for Commercial Real Estate