Greenstate Project History

Greenstate Project History


Greenstate Industrial Park is a private project of YIT Saint Petersburg JSC, a subsidiary of YIT Corporation, Finland.

YIT is the leading construction company in the Northern European market, with more than 100 years of development background and over 50 years of experience in Russia. In 2020, the group's revenues amounted to EUR 3.1 bln. The company has over 7,400 employees in 11 European countries, including Russia. YIT shares are listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki. The project of development of the Greenstate Industrial Park, located in the Leningrad region, in the southern part of the Gorelovo industrial zone, has proven to be the largest project in the commercial real estate segment in the territory of Russia. The project started in 2007, with the creation of the required engineering infrastructure and road laying. The park welcomed its first resident in 2008.

At the beginning of its development, the industrial park’ main purpose was the sale of industrial land plots. Customers of industrial land could independently build production and warehouse buildings, industrial premises and property to meet their technical requirements. In the subsequent years, the list of services offered by the Park's managing company (see link) and offering options (see link) have been constantly enhancing. Today, the Greenstate Industrial Park’s residents include 28 companies, both large international corporations and medium and small businesses.

At present, industrial land plots are being actively built up by residents' production and warehouse facilities. More than 90 % of the Industrial Park territory is sold out

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Vladislav Talanin
Commercial Real Estate Sales Director