Greenstate Project History

Greenstate Project History

The Industrial park Greenstate is a private industrial park of YIT Group. YIT is a leading Finnish construction company with over 100 year history and over 50 years of operations in Russia.  In 2016 the revenues of the company amounted to EUR 1,8 billion. About 5,300 employees are working in Russia, Finland and other European countries. YIT's share is listed in OMX Nordic Exhange Helsinki in Large cap, Industrials.
The most significant project of YIT's subsidiary in St.-Petersburg is the industrial land development project in Leningrad Region. The private Industrial park Greenstate has been developed since the beginning of 2007. Nowadays the park has complete infastructure and industrial projects on more than a half of the park's area.

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Vladislav Talanin
Commercial Real Estate Sales Director

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Industrial Park Greenstate
Southern part of industrial zone Gorelovo, Volkhonskoye shosse 2Б, Lomonosov District, Leningrad Region

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