YIT-Reliable Partner

YIT-Reliable Partner

YIT creates more attractive and sustainable urban environments by building housing, business premises, infrastructure and entire areas. We operate in Finland, Russia, the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Our vision is to create "More Life in Sustanable Cities". We want to differentiate ourself by caring for customers, visionary urban development, passionate execution and inspiring leadership. Our engine for growth and profitability is urban development involving partners. 

YIT has over 100 years of experience and strong position on the market: in Finland YIT is the largest in residential construction and in Russia it is one of the most significant foreign construction companies. In Finland YIT is also one of the largest in commercial real estate and infrastructure development. In Russia  it is one of the largest foreign construction companies. YIT started its operations in Russia in 1961 and и nowadays it has subsidiaries in Moscow, Moscow Region, Saint Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Kazan, Rostov on Don, Ekaterinburg and Tiumen.

YIT employs approximately 5,300 persons in Finland, Russia, Baltic states, Czesh Republic, Slovakia and Poland. In 2019 our revenue amounted to almost EUR 3,4 billion.  YIT’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

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Industrial Park Greenstate
Southern part of industrial zone Gorelovo, Volkhonskoye shosse 2Б, Lomonosov District, Leningrad Region

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