• 2/4/2016

Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies is set to expand further into Greenstate industrial park

YIT St. Petersburg and Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies (SGTT) signed a sale and purchase agreement for an additional parcel of land in Greenstate industrial park, Leningrad Region.
The company bought the 0.5 ha parcel adjoining the Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies plant launched in June 2015 to deploy additional production capacity, warehouses and auxiliary services.
"We are not just launching a gas turbine production in Russia, but creating a multi-purpose energy complex with a local end-to-end value chain, from R&D to advanced manufacturing, project implementation and service functions, to deliver the industry's best solutions to our customers", - Nico Paetzold, General Manager for Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies LLC, stressed.
YIT has used its best efforts to ensure that Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies implement their industrial development project in Greenstate park as initially planned. This is the approach YIT takes to each customer, - says Maksim Sobolev, head of the industrial park and marketing and sales director for YIT St. Petersburg. - and the fact that SGTT plans to expand production and has acquired more land in Greenstate provides strong evidence for it".