• 10/14/2018

Customer Services by Greenstate

We open a series of useful publications from Greenstate experts and today we pass the floor to Alexander Barabanshchikov, our Project Manager:

Good afternoon! My name is Alexander, I am a Project Manager at YIT, which is developing the Greenstate Industrial Park in the Leningrad Region.

Today I will talk about the services we provide to our clients absolutely free of charge at the stages of pre-sale of land plots and after-sale transaction support.

When the client determines the project parameters, we study the initial data and select the appropriate land, primarily in order to optimize the cost of the project.

🍀 The first important issue is to determine the class of sanitary hazard and the sanitary zone of the client’s enterprise. The current SanPiN is outdated and, unfortunately, does not provide an unambiguous definition of hazard class of many modern enterprises. The hazard class affects directly the ability to locate the enterprise in a particular territory (in Greenstate, production facilities of 3–5 hazard classes are possible).

🍀 The next stage consists in drafting the plan for placing all construction projects on site, indicating the points of connection to engineering and utilities networks and calculating the required area for optimal setting of building and infrastructure.

Next, we evaluate the cost and terms of construction of Client’s facilities and draft a comprehensive commercial offer.

🍀 Recently, we have been offering our new customers the possibility of renting the plot for the period of the survey. For our clients, this is an additional guarantee of a safe transaction and their safe investments, since purchasing the lot takes place after obtaining a building permit. So far, this service is available to buyers of relatively large areas (from 3.5 ha).

🍀 As part of preparing the contract, we provide full legal support of the transaction. We try to take into account the interests of customers as much as possible within the framework of the current legislation and policies of YIT. Over ten years of our work, we have held hundreds of meetings with clients' lawyers and are ready to offer solutions that suit all parties.

🍀 As for clients having special requests, we are ready to consult them bringing in representatives of the utility monopolists and regional administration.

Our experts prepare documents for land surveying and doing cadaster site inventory, plus submit documents to register transfer of ownership from YIT to the client’s company independently.

At Greenstate, we advise clients on utility tariffs, as well as possibilities to obtain tax benefits from the Government of the Leningrad Region.

🍀 YIT is one of the largest foreign construction companies in Russia. We have vast experience in the field of construction and development here. In Russia, YIT builds residential buildings, roads, industrial and commercial facilities.

We provide guarantees for the parent company, and this is important for both foreign and domestic enterprises.


🍀 The status of one of the best Industrial Parks in Russia is also confirmed by the fact that 18 residents have already settled in our park, including world-famous companies and the largest industrial and food industry enterprises from Finland, Germany, Japan and Russia. The first resident started its work in our Park in 2008.

We are always open to dialogue and ready to provide customers with any support within the wide scope of our capabilities!