• 4/6/2020

Commercial real estate investment

Another “black swan” event or the world-wide pandemic provoked chaos in the world markets, which resulted in oil demand contraction and, as a consequence, the depreciation of the national currency in the domestic market. Nowadays, it is difficult to predict how long this situation will continue and whether we can expect a stabilization in the near future, or on the contrary, worsening of the current state of affairs. It is difficult to make any forecasts in this situation.

However, based on the experience of professional investors, a conclusion can be made that crisis is the best time to acquire assets, since their value is minimum.

YIT Saint Petersburg JSC offers a sound way to save your money by acquiring an industrial land plot in the Greenstate Industrial Park. Demand for such land plots always remains high, as they are fully provided with all utility systems, access roads and have all the original and permitting documents, which allows any investor to implement their project in a short time frame. Industrial warehouse facilities of III–V hazard classes, with a sanitary protection zone up to 300 meters, may be arranged in the territory of the Park. There is a specially designated area for accommodation of food industry enterprises. The Park has an ideal location in terms of logistics – only 1.5 km from the City Ring Road and Tallinskoye Highway, with good access to the main transport hubs.

To date, 30 ha out of 115 ha of land plots are still available. The Park has its own management company that maintains the common infrastructure of the Park.

Due to availability of all utility systems and ready to operate infrastructure, land plots in the Greenstate Industrial Park are in high demand among potential investors as compared to other sites (Park occupancy is more than 70 %, with an average figure of 55 %). To acquire a land plot with all utility systems is always the best solution that will help to save your money in the current feverish and turbulent period of time.