• 10/15/2018

Investment facility implementation stages

Implementation of an investment project is a complex process, which consists of three main stages – planning design, design and construction. Each stage consists of several important elements that require increased attention and affect the final result. We have prepared visual representations of information. We hope that it will help you better understand the process, find priorities and plan your actions.

Investment facility implementation stages.png

In addition, we recommend to pay special attention to the following issues:

Choice of the project manager

Quite often CEO or owner of a business takes on the task of managing the implementation of the project. However, given the variety of difficult issues that have to be faced in the process, Greenstate experts recommend delegating this project to an individual qualified specialist (and maybe to a whole group of specialists). Project implementation requires attention, time and complete immersion.

Choice of design contractor

One should not neglect this task, since many things depend on the design of the project. If a contractor with insufficient experience or level of qualification is chosen, there is a risk of encountering a number of errors that may entail not only inconvenience, but also additional financial and time costs. It’s a good thing if a contractor has a similar completed project experience in its portfolio, would be able to provide letters of recommendations or if there is an opportunity to visit a facility actually designed by the contractor.

Choice of a general contractor

Here not only careful selection is important but also preparation of a contract, which would provide for all possible risks, determine the areas of responsibility and penalties in case of violation of obligations.

Appointment of persons responsible for facility operation

The issue of facility operation is often underestimated. The investor does not think about who will monitor the operation of the facility and how important it is to organize smooth and uninterrupted operation. Here it is important to carefully take over the facility from the general contractor, check operability of all systems, know all the peculiarities of the project and responsible persons of utility services and monopolists who provide utility resources. A management company whose specialists have sufficient experience and qualifications will help you in this situation.

Greenstate specialists support their customers at all stages, have many years of experience in project planning and implementation, and are ready to deal with a large number of important issues. We help to realize plans and save efforts, time and money of our customers!

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