• 10/6/2019

Production facilities in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region – Greenstate Industrial Park

The production facility is used for continuous or periodic release of products, their packaging, storage and shipment to consumers. Production facilities include workshops where the core equipment is deployed, as well as laboratory premises, boiler rooms, quality assurance department, warehouses of raw materials and commodities, control and dispatchers’ rooms, and administrative and household facilities.

Логистический комплекс Atria сдан в эксплуатацию ЮИТ в 2008 году

Логистический комплекс Atria сдан в эксплуатацию ЮИТ в 2008 году

According to the SP 56.13330.2011 Code of Regulations (updated version of SNiP 31-03-2001), a production building is always an enclosed space with organized access for personnel to carry out its labor activities. The purpose of production consists in manufacturing various types of products ranging from material to intellectual profiles. Production facilities are classified according to three main characteristics:

  • purpose;
  • specificity;
  • type of waste products.

The purpose refers to the type of activity: manufacturing, warehousing, laboratory testing, organizing management (administrating) and catering for sanitary and household needs of workers (shower, canteen, dressing rooms).

Specificity refers to the type of industry in need of space for production: production of food, medicines, paper, clothing, metals, electrical power and others.

The type of waste is associated with products manufactured in the production room: hazardous, explosive, combustible, volatile, waste from wood or metal processing, chemical wastes, etc.

The area of production facilities is not limited. It all depends on the capacity of the enterprise, requirements for operation of machine tools and machinery, the level of automation. Production is not commercial real estate, it is a type of property with special status, fitted with engineering networks that meet safety, security and social welfare requirements and environmental and location conditions. Not all commercial real estate is production premises or can be transferred to that status. Much is determined by production profile: while food production workshop (e.g., a bakery or a dumpling molding facility) may be deployed in a shopping center, a sunflower oil production facility is a separate area with a complex of workshops and administrative and business units.

Industrial premises are sometimes isolated from residential premises reassigning them to different usage. The process is complex, costly, often carried out with violations, which, ultimately, result in banning the activities of such a facility with a given territory.

Industrial parks are specially allotted territories dedicated specifically to deploying production facilities. In St. Petersburg a project of that kind has been implemented by YIT since 2007. The territory of the Greenstate Industrial Park is located in the Leningrad Region outside residential areas. The infrastructure and equipment of the Park meet the requirements for industrial zones and production premises in full, most of it is already built up, some areas are offered for rent.

Future residents enjoy access to logistics, storage, energy facilities, gain production permits in a simplified mode (as safety of the facilities, including compliance with environmental standards is provided by the management company of the industrial park). Companies can start operations at a minimal cost, entering lease agreements for finished areas of various kinds (production, storage, transshipment).