• 12/24/2018

Success Stories at Greenstate Industrial Park: Dermosil

Dermosil is a cosmetics company founded as a family business in Korsnas, Finland, in 1988.

Dermosil founder and CEO Henry Backlund spoke about the company plans and its operation in the Greenstate Industrial Park.

Watch the video about the work of Dermosil in our park on the eve of the New Year holidays.

The company began its activities in the Greenstate Industrial Park since the start of 2011.

Dermosil is currently shipping all products from its stock warehouse at Greenstate.

Dermosil products are designed to take care of skin health and beauty in changing weather conditions. When manufacturing cosmetics, only tested, high-quality components and a minimum amount of preservatives are used. All flavorings used are gentle or hypoallergenic.