• 1/20/2021

The minimum design time and no risks for construction of industrial facilities

Connecting a project to utility networks is one of the most troublesome challenges in implementation of construction projects. First of all, they are difficult due to the common impossibility of estimating the budget and the time framework for the connection. As a result, the implementation of the project may be seriously delayed, and the initially estimated budget would increase significantly, which result in unexpected losses for the investor.

To begin with, the customer has to develop a project and obtain permits for the construction, which takes about 1/3 of the time of the total project implementation period. At the stage of pre-design preparation, the customer receives terms of reference for connecting the future project to utility networks.

 If the client purchases from the seller a land plot on the territory not provided with technical resources, then to obtain the terms of reference of for connection to the utility networks, he applies to various organizations that provide connection and the required technical capacities. Basically, an investor has to apply for resources directly to monopolists. As a rule, these are government organizations, independent of each other, from which it will be necessary to obtain the terms of reference for connection to utility networks. In this case, it is difficult to estimate the time frame for obtaining all the necessary documents. A situation may arise when the grid company, due to the lack of capacity at the head sources, or due to the lack of networks in this area, is not able to connect the planned facility to its networks.


When implementing the project on the territory of the Greenstate Industrial Park, all the required terms of reference for connection to the utility networks are issued by YIT St. Petersburg Management Company. All the required information on connecting to power grids, domestic water supply, domestic sewerage, storm sewer (from the territory and from the roof), heat supply, fire-fighting water supply, road, the customer receives from one source. Thus, the time of object design decreases and the risks of delaying the project are minimized.

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