• 10/7/2019

What is an industrial park

An industrial park is a structured complex of real estate located in a designated area, established to accommodate production facilities. The industrial park includes administrative, industrial and amenity buildings, engineering facilities and communication line, logistics facilities, access roads.

Вид на восточную часть парка и Гориго

Вид на восточную часть парка и Гориго

An industrial park can be established both on the land plot that has not been previously used or on the basis of the existing production sites. In the first case, the infrastructure of the industrial park is created from scratch, whereas in the second case, reconstruction or complete reorganization is carried out depending on the current state of the facilities and the needs of future residents.

An industrial park is managed by one operator. The management company may be the owner and the main developer of an industrial park or be involved in its maintenance, provision of services and development in case of receipt of relevant assignment.

Basic organizational issues

  • The land plot allocated for establishment of an industrial park shall be subjected to geodesic surveying and boundary settlement.
  • The area shall be from 8 hectares onwards, the relief shall be even, not being an obstacle for construction of production facilities and laying of communication lines.
  • Nature preservation sites, afforestation, landfills may not be arranged.
  • Availability of asphalt motor roads, railway siding with a dead end, access to the main highways of the region, constant communication with nearby cities or towns is mandatory.
  • Also, for all enterprises of the park, access to electric networks and gas supply shall be provided, water supply and water discharge shall be arranged.

An industrial park is established as a structured area of special development, intended strictly to accommodate the manufacturing enterprises and related facilities. Unlike a technological park or a business incubator, an industrial park is not necessarily the territory for implementation of innovative projects, including those launched under the supervision of municipal and governmental authorities or with their participation. Such industrial parks are designed for compact and controlled arrangement of workshops and warehouses of transnational corporations, large group of companies, including foreign companies interested in the unhindered construction of facilities and use of the park’s infrastructure within the framework of the established laws, including environmental protection regulations.

Benefits for residents

Companies that arrange their production at the premises located in the industrial parks:

  • they may erect workshops and administration and amenity buildings from scratch, which minimizes development costs;
  • they need fewer approvals, since the facilities are located in a specially designated area, most often – outside the city boundaries;
  • they use common roads, treatment facilities and utilities that meet the state-of-the-art standards;
  • they may rent vacated premises from other residents, develop joint projects.

The Greenstate industrial park project has been implemented in the Leningrad Region since 2007. The infrastructure has been fully constructed, more than half of the territory has been already occupied by 18 residents, including manufacturing, logistics, and processing enterprises.