• 9/2/2018

What is an industrial park? | Greenstate Industrial Park – St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region

The concept of industrial parks has appeared in the business practice of Russian investors relatively recently. They mean complexes, which include land plots (or one land plot, not divided into parts), the buildings located on them – production shops, warehouses, administrative and other buildings.

The industrial park shall necessarily have a transport and utility infrastructure sufficient to support the facility. Design and beautification of the territory shall be carried out taking into account the relevant GOST 56301-2014 and the corresponding legal regime.

The popularity of parks is growing steadily. About 100 such complexes are currently operating in the Russian Federation and more than 50 are under construction. Cooperating with the owner (management company), resident investors of the industrial park receive all the advantages of its components:

  • site fully prepared for operation – there is no need to get involved into organization of heat, electricity and water supply, wasting time and resources;
  • land with the required legal status – it’s the management company’s responsibility to get a status of the industrial park;
  • flexible terms for lease and purchase of land plots – you can choose land for warehouses or open areas near the highway, production, construction;
  • prepared protective and sanitary zone – it is arranged around industrial parks in which production facilities of 3-5 hazard classes operate.


Requirements to complexes

An industrial park is a facility that, in order to obtain a status, must comply with the approved requirements. The above distinguishes complexes from related facilities – industrial parks, business incubators. There are the following differences:

  • area: an industrial park shall occupy an area from 8 hectares (borders are determined by neighboring areas, located on the outer perimeter), at least 50% of the useful part shall be transferred to residents for use;
  • land plots: they shall be adjacent or located at a distance of up to 2 hectares from each other, among them there shall be land for industrial facilities construction, and in the case of an agricultural and industrial park – for processing of agricultural raw materials, food production;
  • characteristics in geodesy and geology: they shall not impede arrangement of facilities with infrastructure at the site;
  • land encumbrances: no encumbrances of land plots intended for arrangement of industrial parks;
  • transport accessibility: the industrial park shall be connected to nearby settlements through transport routes (public or private transport), a road of at least 4th category shall be laid to the border;
  • utility networks, storm sewers, treatment facilities, etc.

Greenstate Industrial Park meets all relevant legal requirements. YIT offers fully prepared land plots for rent and sells them. To learn more about the possibilities for expanding your business in the territory of our complex, send us an application: greenstate@yit.ru