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In the Greenstate industrial park you can purchase a land parcel on any of land plots available on sale listed below. The total area on sale in the park is around 30 ha. Land plot of any shape and size can be allotted depending on requirements of the Customer. Choice of location for your production project shall depend on its process parameters. Our sales team shall prepare possible location options after an individual consultation.


If you know the parameters of the project and you would like to get our quotation for a land plot with utility capacities, please fill out the form of Project Initial Data  and email it to us to:

Any Questions? Call us by the number +7 (812) 448 98 55 or +7 (812) 336 37 57 (ext. 1086).

Greenstate industrial park offers industrial land plots of 5000 sqm and more. A land plot of 5000 sqm allows construction of a production building with <2000 sqm of footprint, location of open storage areas, passages and parkings.

 Currently the land plots on sale are owned by YIT. Under the sale and purchase contract YIT undertakes to allot a land plot of agreed shape and size and to register the ownership title of the Buyer. Greenstate is not just a land of industrial use in the Leningrad region. Each land plot in the industrial park can be provided with utility capacities according to the production requirements of the Customer. The companies looking to invest into own production have an opportunity to purchase an industrial land plot with all the necessary utility capacities and therefore ensure forecastable launch deadlines of their production.

YIT price offer for the industrial park includes land purchase with registration of title ownership of the Buyer, and the cost of completed infrastructure and utility connection points on the territory of the industrial park, and constitutes 3950 rub./1sqm.

For clients of Greenstate park YIT can also provide additional services as part of industrial park investment projects, including:

- obtain permit documentation
- design

See the full list of services under “MC Services” and “Client Services” plotssections.

 YIT has good history of cooperation with local administration and regulatory authorities which allows to assure short construction times.

If you are looking to purchase an industrial land plot in St. Petersburg and in Leningrad region you may find a number of offers. For example, you can purchase an industrial land plot in Gorelovo. There are various offers in the industrial area to suit any budget. In doing so you should not overlook the legal side of the deal and the land plot readiness for construction and facility operation, i.e. check and review all documentation of the plot, including legal, environmental and technical, to be able to foresee any obstacles you may encounter. Prices on land plots in the Leningrad region vary depending on availability of engineering networks and permit documentation for the land plot and the access roads. In our industrial park be assured that you will be able to construct the production facility you need and launch operations as expected.


To become the owner of an industrial land plot please call our Sales office or email to Also you can make a query by filling out the Feedback form.

If you would like to get our quotation for a land plot with utility capacities please fill out the Feedback form and email it to the same address.


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