Plots for Industrial Construction

Plots for Industrial Construction

All land plots in the Greenstate industrial park are suitable and ready for construction of industrial and logistics facilities.

Greenstate industrial park offers land plots of 0,5 ha and more for construction of industrial facilities. Expected location of your project on the territory of the park can be advised by YIT specialists.


If you are planning to purchase a land plot for industrial construction you should check offers on the market and review the land plots for industrial construction in St. Petersburg and in the Leningrad region. Sales of land plots for construction in St. Petersburg can be limited by their target use, encumbrances related to repair of old networks and any other possible limitations. That is why in many cases the land in the Leningrad region can attract more investment. Besides, the Leningrad region has several industrial parks that are ready to house industrial projects.
The Greenstate industrial park offers industrial land plots for logistics and production facilities – mostly in the Northern part of the park, in the Southern part there are two land plots for food processing production.
The territory of the industrial park is split according to approved plan of common sanitary protection zone into plots for industrial and logistics facilities in the Northern part of the park and for plots intended for food processing production in the Southern part (or to the South of the motorway dividing the territory of the park).
Basing on the data of your project YIT will calculate an optimum square footage and shape of the plot as part of the industrial land plot purchase quotation.
The price offer includes purchase of the land plot to ownership with registration of the title of the buyer and the cost of completed infrastructure arrangement and connection points to the utility engineering networks on the territory of the industrial park.
The cost of investment package in Greenstate constitutes 3 950 rubles per 1 square meter of plot area.

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