Plots for Logistics

Plots for Logistics

Greenstate industrial park offers land plots for warehouses on any of available land plots below. All of the land plots allow construction of warehouse and logistics facilities including those of food industry - in the Southern part of the industrial park. The total sellable area in the park - around 40 hectares.

All available land plots in Greenstate industrial park are suitable for location of warehouse and logistics facilities. A large warehouse and logistics complex Gorigo was established on territory of Greenstate park in 2008, offering ready rental storage solutions. Total area of premises available for rent is almost 90 000 sqm

Besides Raven Russia - the existing complex on the territory of the industrial park, it is possible to construct more warehouse and logistics facilities.  Furthermore, land plots G4 and G8, located in the Southern part of the park suitable to food productions, allow location of warehouses.

The cost of the land plot including purchase of the land plot to ownership with registration of the title of the buyer and the cost of completed infrastructure arrangement and connection points to the utility engineering networks on the territory of the industrial park constitutes 3950 rubles / 1sqm of space footage.

Lease of land plots in St. Petersburg and in the Leningrad region

If you are looking for a lease of land plot in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region you should seek professional consultation regarding commercial real estate to get a number of options. Leasing in St. Petersburg has its advantages for small businesses. However, this is not YIT business in Greenstate park. The land plots in the park are prepared for construction are available for sale.

At the same time there are smaller land plots in the park that are located along the road crossing the park where it is convenient to arrange, for example, open storage areas. Those land plots are available for lease.

If you are interested to buy a land plot in the industrial park Greenstate please contact us on the telephone numbers:+7 812 448 9855 or +7 812 336 3757 (ext.1086) or fill out the Feedback form.

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