• GREENSTATE RU News 2017
  • 12/28/2017

Summary of the working year 2017

With the approach of the New Year holidays, we are looking back at the results of the outgoing year, which was rather successful for the industrial park Greenstate

In 2017 the industrial park Greenstate felt a considerable demand for the construction plots for production and storage facilities mainly by the growing Russian companies. To the end of the year 2017 sixteen production and logistics projects have found their places in Greenstate. This year we noted that a pool of small and medium size enterprises has been formed in our industrial park. There are eleven SME in Greenstate now. Just these companies made a main flow of requests to our sales department asking for the appropriate plots for construction of their own operational building.

Every week we considered the average of five requests for the purchase of the industrial plots from 4000 sq. meters up till 5-8 hectares in size. This work led to six sales and purchase contracts for the land plots on the total area of 8 hectares, one of the contracts was for the extension of the existing project area.  Moreover, we made a preliminary agreement with Tikkurila for the plot 6,5 hectares for the execution of project planning design. All this became possible due to the undoubted advantages of Greenstate on the commercial real estate market, i.e.: an excellent location by the main motorways, complete infrastructure and the reserve of capacities, follow up services for the residents’ investment projects, maintenance of the common infrastructure by means of the own operating company and the support of maternity company, the Finnish YIT Group.  

The work of our technical department has also brought good results. One of them was the completion of the installation of a traffic light at the intersection of private road of Astros Logistics and Volkhonskoye shosse. So at the beginning of next year for those who leave for the Volkhonskoe motorway, especially with a turn to the left, a safe traffic will be provided at the signal of the traffic light.

In general one can congratulate the team of the YIT management company in the industrial park Greenstate on the results achieved this year and wish more success in the coming year.  And the best  New Year's gift for all of us became the signing of a new sales and purchase contract for the land plot  on the eve of the New year’s holidays on the 27th of December.