• GREENSTATE RU News 2017
  • 4/25/2017

AAG has commissioned a manufacturing and storage facility in Greenstate

The AAG group has built and commissioned a 1,300 sq. m. manufacturing and storage facility. The building sitting on a 0.4 ha site in Greenstrate industrial park was built for Novum Consulting, a major swimming pool equipment and water and heating equipment supplier in the North-West region.

The company used to be based at 8, Dybenko Street, on a site where Renaissance residential compound is now being built as part of a larger area redevelopment project. A company called А Development (an AAG group company) bought the site for its residential project, and found a new site at Greenstate industrial park, where it built the manufacturing and storage facility for Novum Consulting. The supplier will move to the new facility in the nearest future.