• GREENSTATE RU News 2017
  • 5/25/2017

Greenstate entered in to the List of Industrial Parks of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation

Pursuant to the Order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation the Industrial Park Greenstate, developed by the Joint-Stock Company YIT Saint Petersburg, entered in to the List of Industrial Parks of Russian Federation. Thus, the industrial park project, created by the Finnish YIT Group at the southern boundaries of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Region, proved to be in compliance with the national standard of industrial parks of Russian Federation and became recognized on the federal level.

Order from the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation D.V. Manturov confirms that the Industrial Park Greenstate meets the governmental requirements for industrial parks and the industrial parks management companies for the purposes of the industrial parks policy implementation. Considering this, above-mentioned compliance information concerning the Industrial Park Greenstate, laid out and developed by the Joint-Stock Company YIT Saint Petersburg”, was entered in appropriate List of Industrial Parks of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

“This decision became substantial for acknowledgement of the fact that the Greenstate project exactly conforms to the standard of industrial parks set recently not only for the regional, but also for the federal level,” states Maxim Sobolev, real estate development director of the Joint-Stock Company “YIT Saint Petersburg. “The fact that this industrial park entered in the national list of Industrial Parks of the Russian Federation should be considered as a subsequent proof of importance of the Greenstate project for economic and social development of the region, and formation of infrastructure essential to investors. We are confident that high appreciation of this industrial park, expressed from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, will encourage more Russian and foreign investors to be engaged in activities and implement their projects within the territory of the Industrial Park Greenstate.”

It is particularly remarkable that in 2015 the Industrial Park Greenstate proved its compliance with the requirements for industrial parks at the regional level, and was among the first to earn the official status of industrial park in the Leningrad Region. In March 2017 a cooperation agreement was signed between the Government of the Leningrad Region and the Joint-Stock Company “YIT Saint Petersburg” in order to implement the investment project concerning development of the Industrial Park Greenstate. Providing evidence of close collaboration between the YIT Corporation and governmental authorities of the Leningrad Region, this agreement is intended to make collateral warranty for the investors implementing their projects within the territory of the industrial park.