• GREENSTATE RU News 2017
  • 6/26/2017

Rail navigation opened in the Industrial park Greenstate

Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies has tested a new way of loads’ transportation in the industrial park Greenstate. The first mobile truck passed by the railway line through inland of the industrial park to the production workshop of the plant and thus “opened navigation” on the railway which was built by YIT in 2010.

In autumn 2010 YIT commissioned a newly constructed railway line, which had 1700 meters in length, on the area of the industrial park. When Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies came to Greenstate the railway was extended by 150 meters more and one arm of it turned to the inner yard of SGTT.

“Siemens is the first company in our industrial park, who has actually started to exploit the rail way in the industrial park Greenstate. We hope that in the nearest future there will be more railway users here. Now we are in process of negotiations with a number of big production companies, who consider the railway line as crucial factor for their choice of the land plot for allocation of production facilities, - told Maxim Sobolev, YIT Saint Petersburg commercial real estate director.