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  • GREENSTATE RU News 2018
  • 12/27/2018


The expiring year was full of a number of important events both on the Russian and global stage. No doubt that many of them have had an influence on the development of our business as a whole, and the investment plans of specific companies. However, the outlined challenges have made the work of the Greenstate Industrial Park team even more interesting. We have developed a number of products for the prospective customers, that are planned to reduce the investor’s risks and the risks of initial investment in the project.

In 2018, 5 land plot purchase and sale agreements were concluded in the Greenstate Industrial Park, both with new customers and with residents of the park.

In 2018, one of the transactions was carried out according to a new structure for YIT: through signing a lease agreement before obtaining a construction permit by a client, followed by signing a purchase and sale agreement.

At the end of the year 3 more residents appeared in Greenstate. 19 companies have chosen Greenstate as a platform for locating their business.

Many customers, who had previously acquired land plots in the park, started active development in 2018. Nowadays, 4 residents are at different stages of construction of their facilities. Three more are planning to start construction next year.

Active development of Siemens in our industrial park should be mentioned. In 2018, the company opened a turbine blades repair and restoration center. In the near future Siemens is also planning to start production of turbines at the site of Greenstate for wind power stations Siemens Gamesa.

It is important to note the work of the technical support team in the expiring year. The network system was reconstructed and a traffic light was installed, which ensured effective and safe traffic management at the approaches to the industrial park territory.

We are sure that the upcoming year will be no less successful than the expiring one for us and our partners. In 2019, we plan to hold a series of events and meetings in a new format.

We wish you new achievements 2019! See you at Greenstate.