• 5/31/2018


The first day of the summer was marked by a new deal in the Industrial park Greenstate. The important strategic partner of the Leningrad region as well as the key resident of the industrial park Greenstate - Siemens Technologies Gas Turbine LLC – has bought an extra land plot and expanded its production site boundaries on the territory of the Industrial park.

Завод Siemens

Завод Siemens

LLC Siemens Technologies Gas Turbine (STGT) is a joint venture of Siemens AG (65%) and Power Machines (35%), was founded in December 2011. The production plant has launched its operation in June 2015. Siemens also purchased an extra land plot in 2016 for construction of the new workshop for turbine blades repair and restoration - it was opened on May 24, 2018.

 "The signing of the agreement on the placement of the Siemens Gas Turbine production project in the industrial park, as we stated earlier, was an important milestone in the development of the territory," commented Maxim Sobolev, Commercial Real Estate Director of YIT St. Petersburg - Siemens is one of the world's largest companies, and its presence in the Industrial park Greenstate is a solid indicator that our park is in compliance of the international standards. Territory expansion as well as acquisition of extra land plot is a good indicator for us. This is the evidence that we are doing a good job by providing our residents with not only land and necessary communications, but also with the high level of services and support. I note that this is not the first example of the area extension by our residents. For instance, PONSSE, a world-famous Finnish forest harvesters machinery manufacturer, also decided to expand the boundaries of its site in our industrial park. As a result, there are fewer vacant spaces for new residents in Greenstate, but the pool of our residents is indeed a worthy environment for the most demanding international investment projects."