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  • GREENSTATE RU News 2018
  • 4/28/2018


On the eve of the May holidays a volunteer clean-up was conducted at the place of clients` work and residence at Greenstate site in Gorelovo

Industrial Park’s team cleaned up the area along the ponds, which were so loved by the residents of the park and the residents of neighboring households as a place for recreation. Also dozens of trees were planted on the territory.

"Such measures for territory improvement have become a good tradition and have been held in Gorelovo for several years. Even though the territory actually belongs to the Industrial park "Greenstate", in the summer season, local citizens often come to rest on the bank of the water. However, we wish to see more consciousness among the visitors in the matter of maintaining cleanliness. On the eve of picnic season, we put one more garbage container in our park, close to the lakes. I hope this simple action will help us together to keep area clean and make our small contribution to the environment care" said Vladislav Talanin, Commercial Real Estate Sales Director of JSC" YIT St. Petersburg "