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  • 11/20/2019

IKEA has opened a distribution center for direct delivery to customers in the Greenstate Industrial Park

An IKEA distribution center has opened in the Gorigo logistics complex, which is located in the Greenstate Industrial Park. The launching of new center will reduce the Internet orders delivery time for the residents of St. Petersburg to one day.

Вид на восточную часть парка и Гориго

Вид на восточную часть парка и Гориго

The distribution center will serve about 150 thousand orders annually. Its area will be more than 19,000 sq. m. The capacity of the center is about 20,000 cubic meters, which is equal to 18,600 pallet places. To ensure quick delivery from the IKEA online store, about 100 persons will be employed in the distribution center.

The IKEA company carefully approached the choice of location and the Gorigo logistics complex in the Greenstate Industrial Park was chosen for deploying the center. The complex was built by YIT in 2008. A site of almost 18 hectares, hosts two buildings with a total area of approx. 85,000 sq. m.

Due to its location, the Greenstate Industrial Park is ideally suited for logistic tasks. The park is located on the border of the Leningrad Region and the southern border of St. Petersburg, 1.5 km from the intersection of the Ring Road, the Tallinn and Volkhonskoye Highway.

Within a radius of 20 kilometers from Greenstate such important transport facilities of the city as Pulkovo Airport, Moscow and Kiev Highways, as well as the seaport of St. Petersburg are located.