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  • 11/21/2019

On November 21, a seminar was held on the topic of alternative ways of financing investment projects

Greenstate Industrial Park together with Moscow Exchange PJSC organized a seminar on November 21 for small and medium-sized enterprises on the topic of alternative ways of financing projects.

The issue of financing their own projects is especially relevant among small and medium-sized industrial enterprises that plan to implement investment projects using borrowed funds. At the seminar, experts presented real success cases of companies that raised funds by entering the stock market and issuing bonds. The speakers described what tools the companies may use to ensure financing their projects without investing even a minimum share of their own funds and without security pledge of the borrowed funds.

Director of the North-West branch of Moscow Exchange PJSC Elena Semykina presented data on the bond market. During the presentation, participants asked questions about the interaction of the main participants and tax benefits in the bond market. Dmitry Alexandrov, representative of IC Ivolga Capital LLC, spoke about practical steps in preparing and issuing bonds.

Experts presented their cases of placing exchange-traded bonds: Denis Levitsky, Director General of LC Rodelen CJSC, and Alexandra Bolilaya, Investment Director of LEGENDA Intelligent Development. Seminar participants discussed the benefits of financing a project via issuing bonds vs. bank lending.

We thank experts and participants of the seminar for the active discussion.

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