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  • 12/7/2020

9th in the National Park Rating

On December 7, Expert Magazine published 2019 SEZ and Industrial Park Investment Attractiveness rating.

Greenstate Industrial Park has been rated among top 10 national industrial parks. Based on the results of2019, the selection included 120 sites attractive for investment. The Expert magazine included in their number the IP and SEZ whose territory was used for launching at least one enterprise over the last year

Attractiveness rating leaders at the year-end of 2019 were sites which scored higher than 32. Access ticket to the big league (class АА) is ensured by favorable location, a wide range of services for residents, effective management and high occupancy rate.

Half of the rating participants from АА class scored 60–90% in this parameter; versus last year, most of the big league players improved their number of residents and area of rented space. Among participants with occupancy rate exceeding 90%, almost two thirds are private sites; those with occupancy less than 30% are mainly parks and zones created with the governmental participation.

Industrial park attractiveness is ensured by its location, assistance in project implementation and guaranteesof the managing company, says Sales Director for commercial real estate in YIT St. Petersburg JSC Vladislav Talanin.

– Who are the target investors ofGreenstate Industrial Park?

– Clients of Greenstate Industrial Park are both large international companies and small and medium Russian businesses. The Park has a perfect location at the boundary of the city and its surrounding Oblast, has its own railway branch line, ready-to-use engineering infrastructure and technical resources in the quantity sufficient for implementation of any project. YIT reputation and its 108-year development history are a reliable guarantee for any investor looking to implement their projects in the territory of our Park. Clients value implementation of their projects within the scheduled timing and budget. To this end, we share with them our experience in purchasing a land plot and connection to utilities, as well as our expertise in design and construction of premises. Moreover, we stay tuned to the client’s changing needs. Apart from the standard services offered by the managing company in the IP, production companies can benefit from the services improving supply chain effectiveness. This suggests closer interaction between suppliers-consumers of products and services in the IP territory, and generates added value in form of reducing logistic costs, as well as raw material or finished product stock. Thereby, clients can redistribute some of the funds to other goals. These are the basic drivers of our site’s attractiveness, manifested in its occupancy rate which is significantly higher than the country’s average: 72%. Currently the Park’s territory accommodates construction sites of four companies, with two more which have started their operations this year.

– What is your estimation of the demand for industrial land market sites?

– We expect that the positive momentum of the demand will extend into early 2021. Besides, the market presently has a large deficiency of minor-scale production and warehouse premises for small enterprises (Light Industrial format). Our company is developing the product with which we will be able to meet this demand. We are looking for an external investor who would be our partner in this venture. In an attempt to reboot economy, governments of most countries are making funding readily available. Many companies in the small and medium business segment are acting in their markets for five, ten, fifteen and more years. They have outgrown the infrastructure of the past; an overwhelming majority of such production companies “sit” in old Soviet-time production shops with facelift repair at best. Today such companies generate the demand for state-of-the-art industrial real estate. Due to affordable funding, they acquire an opportunity to build the premises that can accommodate the grown-up business. However, the cheap funding “window” will start to close as early as in the second half of the coming year.

See more about the rating results in Expert magazine No. 50 dd. 7–13 December 2020.