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  • 3/13/2020

Norwegian business representatives visited Greenstate

On March 11, with the participation of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Norwegian business representatives paid a visit to the Greenstate Industrial Park and to Ponsse, one of the Park's residents

During the visit, Vladislav Talanin, Commercial Real Estate Sales Director, submitted data and provided the delegation with information about the current activities of the industrial park and plans for further development. Dmitry Zagorodny, Marketing Director of Ponsse, spoke about the work experience and business operations background of the company in Russia.

The meeting was held at the Ponsse training center, which was commissioned in the summer of 2019. After the presentations, the delegation members visited the repair shop of the company and talked to Ponsse specialists.

Reference statement

The Russian subsidiary of Ponsse provides maintenance services for equipment manufactured in Finland at the plant of Ponsse. The sales department of Ponsse is also accommodated in Greenstate.

Office buildings and industrial premises of the Russian division of Ponsse Finnish company are arranged on the land plot of 1 ha. Harvesting and logging equipment service station of Ponsse is also located here.

Representatives of Norwegian companies showed great interest in the state of business of enterprises operating in Russia, asked questions about the most promising sectors of the region’s economy and highly appreciated the interest expressed by the Russian colleagues who took part in the meeting.