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  • 3/11/2021

New deal in Greenstate

JC YIT St.Petersburg and TPMZ «MEDVED» has signed the land purchase contract. Company plans to build production facilities of light alcoholic drinks on the basis of honey and fruit juices.

Future plant will produce such products as mead, cider and poiret of various sorts.

TPMZ "MEDVED" was founded in 2006 as a manufacturing enterprise. From the date of its foundation in 2006, the company has been continuously growing and developing, increasing the range of products and constantly experimenting with new flavors. The high quality of the company's products is confirmed by many diplomas of exhibitions and various festivals.

Location of the future plant in Industrial park Greenstate will allow company to increase its production capacity and implement a project for a modern production premises to meet all technical, ergonomic and aesthetic requirements.