Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies

Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies

Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies LLC (SGTT) built a world-class facility for the manufacture and maintenance of Siemens gas turbines with a main focus on high-performance gas turbines.

On 18 June 2015, the launch ceremony of the high-capacity turbine plant was attended by Leningrad Region's Governor A. Drozdenko and Chair of the Russia's State Duma S. Naryshkin. The new Siemens GTT plant manufactures and maintains large gas turbines, including SGT5-2000E, and plans to manufacture SGT5-4000F with a capacity of 166 MW and 292 MW.

The new facility specializes in machining of rotary parts and stationary turbine units, end-to-end assembly, in-plant testing, storage and delivery of finished products to end customers. The corporate strategy provides for a gradual increase in the share of locally-manufactured components by engaging Russian suppliers.

The area of the site is 4.4 ha.
The total floor space of the buildings is approximately 20,700 sq. m.
The manufacturing space is 13,700 sq. m.
The facility employs 350 production staff.

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Industrial Park Greenstate
Southern part of industrial zone Gorelovo, Volkhonskoye shosse 2Б, Lomonosov District, Leningrad Region

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