The last plot for food processing

Location: Leningrad Region, Lomonosov District, Villozi commune.
Total area: 17 095 sq.m
Category of land: land for industrial use
Legal status of land: the property of YIT Saint Petersburg
Land plan is approved
Allowed use: for food processing with sanitary zone from 50 till 100 meters
The price for the plot: 64 277 000 Rub.

The asphalt road goes to the boundaries of the plot, the legal access to the plot for vehicles is provided from Volkhonskoye shosse. The distance from the City Ring Road and Tallinn motorway is about 1,5 km.
All the connection points to the engineering networks are on the plot, i.e.:

  • electricity (II. class of fail-safety)
  • water supply
  • heat supply
  • household sewage
  • rain storm sewage
  • telecommunication 
  • fire extinguishing system

More information:
812-336 3757 (+2232) or +7 (931) 974-82-87 Vladislav Talanin

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Industrial Park Greenstate
Southern part of industrial zone Gorelovo, Volkhonskoye shosse 2Б, Lomonosov District, Leningrad Region

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