• 8/24/2017

Last land plot for food industry

YIT offers to agroindustrial companies a land plot for food enterprise construction. The last land plot for new food industry projects is waiting for its investor.

YIT sells a land plot for food production in the Greenstate Industrial Park. The land plot is sold by the land and utility network owner.

Location: Leningrad Region, Lomonosovsky District, Villozskoye Rural Settlement.

Total area: 24,215 sq.m

Rentable area: 18,914 sq.m

Land category: industry lands

Legal status: owned by YIT Saint Petersburg JSC

Territory Planning Design: approved

Permitted use: food production of hazard classes IV-V

Cost: 69,036,100 rub.

A motor road to the land plot ensures free access from Volkhonskoye Highway to the land plot boundaries. Distance from Ring Road and Tallinn Highway – 1.5 km.


All utility line connection points are located on the land plot:

  • power supply (category II)
  • water pipeline
  • heat supply system
  • household sewerage
  • storm water sewer (conditionally clean, from the territory)
  • communication cable
  • fire water pipeline


For detailed information, contact Vladislav Talanin: +7 (812) 561-25-59,  Vladislav.Talanin@yit.ru