• 9/1/2017

The last land plots for enterprises with a 300-meter sanitary protection zone

We offer for industrial enterprises of hazard class III the last opportunity to take up the remaining land plots, which can be connected to the railway branch, in the GREENSTATE Industrial Park along the northern park boundary.

The Greenstate Industrial Park is a private project of the YIT International Concern, is included in the industrial parks register of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and has several undisputed advantages:

Ideal location for solving of logistical tasks.

Full provision of the entire park territory with engineering infrastructure and capacities – utilities connection points are located either on the land plots or in their immediate vicinity.

The volume of engineering capacities is guaranteed by the previously signed agreements with resource suppliers.

The urban planning documentation has been approved – enterprises of hazard class III can be placed.

The land category is industry lands.

All the urban planning documentation for the Greenstate Industrial Park has been developed and approved:

  •  the Territory Planning Design (TPD) has been approved
  •  the Land Tenure and Development Rules (LTDR) have been approved
  •  a design of the unified sanitary protection zone for the industrial park has been developed and put into effect, which provides for placement of processing enterprises in the park’s northern part, and food industry enterprises in the southern part.

Pursuant to the Land Tenure and Development Rules, enterprises of hazard classes III-V according to SanPiN can be located in the northern part of the Greenstate Industrial Park.


For detailed information, contact Vladislav Talanin: +7 (812) 561-25-59,  Vladislav.Talanin@yit.ru