Greenstate marketing and sales team is offering a wide range of services to the industrial parks customers at the stage of negotiating the purchase agreement for a land plot. Our pre-sale services are free of charge and include:
  • selecting a site based on the individual parameters of the customer's project to optimize the cost of land for the customer
  • planning the location of your project on the proposed site including the position of power and water outlets, and calculating the optimal size for the land parcel to accommodate all facilities constituting your project
  • estimating the cost and time to build the project facilities
    legal support for the transaction during the drafting and signing of the land purchase agreement
  • drafting delimitation plans of the parcels
  • obtaining cadastral registration and registering title to the land
    advising on whether the investment project is eligible for tax exemptions from the Leningrad Region's Government.

Pre-sale service and post-sale transaction support to purchasers of land in Greenstate are an integral part of YIT's customer-focused approach.

If you want to utilize the services of YIT professionals in the Industrial park Greenstate, please, dial: +7 (800) 201-18-42 or (812) 336 3757. You may also contact us by filling up the Feedback form.