Maintenance Services in Greenstate

Maintenance Services in Greenstate

The industrial park customers and residents are serviced by a team of YIT professionals who are ready to advise on matters ranging from marketing and land purchase to connection to utilities and maintenance.

The park infrastructure is operated by YIT’s skilled personnel.Technical support staff are on hand 24/7.

The property management team is responsible for operating the park’s common utilities infrastructure.

Resident companies have an option to receive property management services under separate agreements. The infrastructure maintenance budget is calculated on an ‘open book’ basis and is approved annually; source documents are available to residents upon request.

Standard maintenance package for the park’s common infrastructure includes the following services:

    I. Maintenance of utility services:
  • Heating; 
  • Storm water sewer;
  • Firewater system;
  • Water supply and sewage system;
  • Power supply;

II. Common infrastructure site maintenance;

III. Administrative and engineering support;

IV. Security and access control arrangements.

Residents in the industrial park have the option to receive additional infrastructure maintenance services on their sites. Optional services are paid based on the price list approved for the relevant year.


If you have any questions about the operation and maintenance of the industrial park’s common infrastructure, please contact the YIT Management Company’s Maintenance Department using the “Make your query to Maintenance Service” button and putting your query in to the form.