Location of Greenstate

City Ring Road  » 1,5 km
Tallinn motorway   » 1,5 км
Kiev motorway   »    9 km
Sea Port of SPb  »  16 км
Pulkovo Airport   »  15 km
Moscow motorway  »  23 км
Cargo Port Ustj Luga   » 120 km

Greenstate has an excellent location on the southern boundaries of St.-Petersburg. Being on the outer side of the City Ring Road it belongs to the jurisdiction of Leningrad Region( Oblastj)  at the same time. In 20 km ray there are such important strategic objects of the city as Pulkovo airport, Moscow and Kiev motorways and St. Petersburg Sea Port.

In spite of the fact that the industrial park is located on the side of Leningrad Oblastj (outside the City Ring), there is only 1,5 km from the Greenstate area to the nearest housing district with large shopping centers and high storey residential buildings. The nearest metro station, Prospekt Veteranov, is situated in 15 minutes ride from the industrial park. The car drive from the crossing of City Ring Road and Tallinn motorway to the Industrial park Greenstate takes only 5 minutes.